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Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Laurels

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In halls of learning, where dreams take flight,

School achievements, shining bright.

Students' efforts, hard and true,

Their talents showcased, in all they do.

With every challenge, they embrace,

In academics, they find their grace.

From tests and projects to sports and art,

They strive for greatness, playing their part.

Teachers guiding, with knowledge and care,

Fostering growth, making them aware.

In each success, a lesson found,

To aim higher, with each new round.

A celebration of triumphs, we sing,

In the journey of learning, joy we bring.

For in the school's achievements, we see,

The promise of a brighter destiny.

Monotosh Dey

(HOD, Dept. of English)


Maths, English,Science and Zee Mind War Olympiad school level Winners of Academic Session 2022-23


Hindi, Sanskrit, Geography and Space science Olympiad School Level winners of session 2022-23


Board Exam Class X & XII School Toppers of Academic Session 2022-23

The Class X & XII Board Examinations, a pivotal moment in Students' educational voyage, bore witness to their unwavering resolve and intellectual prowess. Their commitment to excellence and thirst for knowledge propelled them towards achieving remarkable scores, earning them the coveted title of school toppers.

CBSE Board Class XII Science School Toppers for Academic Session 2021-22

As they step forward, adorned with laurels, they carry with them the dreams and hopes of the future. These young scholars, poised for greater heights, are destined to leave an indelible mark on the world with their ingenuity and brilliance.

Board Exam Class XII Commerce School Toppers for Academic Session 2021-22

In this grand celebration of academic excellence, their names shine like stars in the night sky, illuminating the path for generations to come. As they embark on new journeys beyond the school gates, they carry the torch of knowledge, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Board Exam Class X School Toppers for Academic Session 2021-22

With their names etched in the annals of academic history, they now stand as exemplars of achievement, motivation, and aspiration. Their success not only brings pride and joy to their families and schools, but also serves as a testament to the power of hard work and determination.

Year-Wise Subject Highest & Subject Average in Board Exams


  • Our students scored highest class average in XII- Science stream amongst all Ambuja group schools- 82.24%

  • 92% students in class XII-Science stream of AVN Upparwahi scored above 75% .

  • AVN Upparwahi Class XII- Commerce stream scored a class average of 86%.

  • All students of class XII- Commerce of AVN Upparwahi scored above 70%.

  • 89% students of AVN Upparwahi scored above 75% in class X.

  • All the students of AVN Upparwahi who appeared in C.B.S.E board examination for the session 2019-20 passed clearly i.e 100% board result of our school for continuous five years.

Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Mast. Tanvir Sheikh in standard III of AVN Upparwahi bagged second position in essay writing on “Cyber Safety” organized by ISEA (Information Security Education and Awareness) at National level.

  • Three students of AVN Upparwahi studying in class X (Sahil Mohammed, Anuj Bodhe and Akanksha Nikhode) got their project ideas selected for Inspire Award (National Innovation Foundation-India) under Department of science and Technology (India). This competition is organized by Department of Science and Technology to encourage the innovative thoughts of young minds in relation to science and technology.Students got an amount of 10,000-/ each for working on their project ideas.

  • Lavanya Borkute of class IV scored 56th rank in Mind Wars G.K quiz held at national level.

  • Aman Verma of class XII and Rajat Potrala scored second position in power point presentation competition organized by AVP Rawan.

  • Ranvijay Sagar of class X got 3rd position in Yoga competition organized by AVP Rawan.

  • Students of AVN Upparwahi solved 2,48,790 mathematics problems in just 10 days during an event organized by First In Math at National Level.


  • Two students of class XII (master Koushalesh & Mayur) selected in NDA

  • Two students of class XII (Comm) qualified for CPT

  • Best participating school in discipline at IX CBSE cluster

Achievements In International Finance Olympiad

  • Five students of AVN Upparwahi topped at National level in International Finance Olympiad conducted by Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in the month of February, 2013 outclassing 1600 schools from across the country

  • Two students of class XII (Ravina Nikhar & Sonali Shukla) cleared CPT

Green school Award

  • AVN Upparwahi awarded as one of the Green School’s for the session 2018-19 in GSP conducted by Centre for Science and Environment.

Money Smart School Award

  • AVN Upparwahi declared as one of the Money Smart school’s for the session 2018-19 by NISM Mumbai.

Best Principal Award in Ambuja Group Schools

  • Avn Upparwahi principal, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, was awarded as best principal for session 2017-18 by AVN Trust Mumbai.

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It's truly inspiring to see a school not only recognize but also celebrate the scholastic and co-scholastic achievements of its students. These laurels are not just accolades but stepping stones that encourage students to strive for excellence in every aspect of their learning journey. It beautifully highlights the holistic approach to education, where equal importance is given to both academic and extracurricular development. This balance is crucial for nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in all walks of life.

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This eloquent verse beautifully captures the essence of learning and achievement within educational institutions. It paints a vivid picture of students' dedication and hard work shining through various endeavors, from academics to sports and the arts. The guidance and support of teachers are acknowledged, emphasizing the nurturing environment that fosters growth and awareness. Each success Fairbet7 is seen as a lesson to aim higher, contributing to a journey of continuous improvement and celebration. Overall, it highlights the promise of a brighter future reflected in the collective achievements of the school community. Regards Cricketbet9


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