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  • FAQs

Q. What is an Integrated Course? 

  • An integrated course means adding some courses to your existing curriculum to provide additional degree/diploma in the same duration.

  • some organisations provide school integrated program which prepares the students for IIT-Jee/ Medical along with their school in class 11th and 12th. Thus the student does not have to drop out for a year as the course is completed with school.

  • Through integrated program some colleges generally provide a graduation and post graduation degree combination.

  • An engineering college would also provide MBA/M.Tech in integrated course which would be of 5 years instead of 6 years.

Q. What is Student Support Service? 

  • counselling

  • Resolution of student issues

  • Medical facilities

  • Clubs in colleges enhance the employability and entrepreneurial skills of the students.

  • Check out whether college clubs have provision for training of soft skills and hard technical skills.

  • As club members, students learn more about themselves, their interests, goals and potential. They discover their strengths such as multitasking, organizational ability, and service-mindedness.

  • Clubs also provide a platform for group learning and team- building.

Q. What is a Grads School? 

  • A graduate school (sometimes shortened to grad school) is a school that awards advanced academic degrees (For Example, master's and doctoral degrees)

Q. What is an Internship? 

  • An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest.

  • An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills.

Q. What are employability skills? 

  • Interpersonal skills (including Verbal/Oral Communication Skills & Listening skills)

  • Written Communication Skills

  • Collaboration and team work

  • work ethics and decision-making

  • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills

  • Problem solving

  • Time Management 

  • Organizational skills

Q. What is a hidden cost with regard to admissions/fee in a college? 

  • A  hidden cost comprises of  orientation fees, student activity fees, health insurance and student health center fees, technology fees, printing fees, Convenience fee etc

Q. What is job placement? 

  • Job placement refers to offering job to a  student with the help of  a campus interview.  

  • Watch out before admission  if the college has a tie-up with any reputed companies for  job placement.

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