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Safety is Our Topmost Priority

Why Should You Read Our Safety Page ? 

  • We provide relevant information collated from various existing guidelines on the Safety and Security of Children in Schools.

  •  We inform and equip relevant stakeholders in monitoring the measures of school safety and security, so as to ensure the Safe and Secure environment for the children in schools.

  •  We facilitate awareness generation and building capacities of relevant stakeholders i.e. school management, teachers, staff and other personnel, SMC/PTA and students on safety and security of children in school.

  •  We highlight the roles and responsibilities of teachers and other school staff of the school ensuring safety

Supreme Courts Directive on School Safety Norms in India


  • In a significant ruling, the Supreme Court ordered that no new government or private school would be given affiliation if the building did not have fire safety measures and earthquake resistant structure.


  • Pained by the heart-rending death of 93 children in a fire at a Kumbakonam school in Tamil Nadu five years ago, a Bench comprising Justice H Dalveer Bhandari S Bedi said, "Children cannot be compelled to receive education from an unsound and unsafe building."

  • Referring to painful incidents involving death of school children due to fire in Kumbakonam as well as Dabwali in Haryana in 1995, the Bench said, "It has become imperative that safety measures as prescribed by the National Building Code of India, 2005, be implemented by all government and private schools functioning in our country."

The other directions to all state governments are:

  • All existing government and private schools shall install fire extinguishing equipment within a period of six months

  • School buildings are to be kept free from inflammable and toxic material or stored safely

  • Evaluation of structural aspect of the school building must be carried out periodically

  • School staff must be well-trained to use the fire-extinguishing equipment.

 1. Our School Building: 

  • Our school building has been certified as safe for housing the students by the local authorities. 

  • All the wings of our school premises are housed on ground floors. 

  • The School building is devoid of any inflammable and toxic materials. 

  • The orientation of our school buildings facilitates  proper air circulation and lighting with  available open space all round the building as far as possible.

  • Our School buildings are insured against fire and natural calamities. 

  • Our school building has  water storage tanks, duly covered and protected and are cleaned as per the cleaning schedule. 

  • CCTV in school is stationed in Principal's chamber and is  monitored and maintained regularly.

2. Our Classrooms: 

  • Our School Class rooms are  white washed at periodic intervals and dusted regularly to maintain the class room hygiene.

  • The windows of the classrooms are  secure and there are no broken glass or fittings hanging loose. 

  • Black boards are also attached to the wall of the classroom to ensure safety to the children while moving around in the class room.

  • We have proper air ventilation in our classroom to ensure free flow of oxygen. 

  • Class room floors are not  uneven or broken and our floors, doors & windows are  repaired/ maintained from time to time.

3. Laboratory

  • The chemicals and instruments of our laboratory are always Kept  safely beyond the easy access of children  under  strict supervision of our lab assistants/lab-in charges.

  • Our laboratory has an exhaust facility for the gases with sufficient number of exhaust fans.

  • Our labs are spacious enough for free mobility for students in case of an emergency. 

  • We also have a first-aid box in all our labs in case of any emergency. 

4. Toilets: 

  • We have  separate toilets for girls and boys within the striking distance of classrooms inside the school premises. 

  • We have requisite number of toilets for staff, visitors and support staff as per CBSE affiliation by laws.

  • All the toilets  have running water facility and the toilet floors are cleaned sufficient number of times in order to ensure safety for children. 

  • All our toilets have  doors for ensuring safety and privacy of children. 

  • We ensure availability of soaps, hand washes etc. to ensure hand & face hygiene.

  • We have a routine schedule of  disposing waste materials, especially for girls.

5. Drinking Water : 

  • We have cold & Safe and adequate drinking water available at different wings of our school for the children within the school premises.

  • Cleaning, Safety/quality of water is  checked on regular basis by the concerned authority.

6. Electrical System and Safety

  • All the electrical systems in school must be checked periodically.

  • We have limited access to the  protected area of electrical installation in our school. 

  • The electric wiring and points are  kept in order. In case we detect any uncovered live wires following periodic checking by our electrician, the wiring is changed immediately by disconnecting electricity. 

  • The electrical distribution boxes are always locked and the keys are  kept only under the custody of  the person in charge.

7.  Fire Safety Management

  • Our  fire safety certificate is validated periodically by concerned authority. 

  • We are equipped with fire fighting systems in place to meet any emergency, including the alarm system or smoke detection system.

  • Mock drill and training are carried out in our school with the help of fire fighting agencies on periodical basis.

  • We have  put on display our Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan to be followed in case of emergency.

8. Safety in School Transport: 

  • All our buses have CCTV cameras installed in case of any untoward incidence. 

  • Drivers & conductors are trained periodically about safe driving protocols.

  • We do not allow any student beyond the stipulated seat numbers to ensure comfort and safety. 

  • All the school buses are  painted with  Yellow colour  with the name of the school written prominently on both sides of the bus so that these can be identified easily.

  • As per the  Supreme Court guidelines in our hired buses "School Bus" is  written on the back and front of the bus &  "On School Duty" has also been labelled prominently. 

9. Playground: 

  • RTE Act recognizes play ground as a mandatory part of school infrastructure, in view of the physical well-being of the students.

  • We have a well-spaced playground with a basketball court, Volleyball court and a racing track professionally built to train students to gain expertise in sports. 

  • We have trained staff and necessary equipment and materials, with respect to each of the sport items. 

  • We have a health care facility next to our school building which provides  adequate medical facilities to  our  school in case of emergency. 

  • We have  adequate and sufficient food/refreshment facilities for children while they participate in sports, as per norms fixed by SAI.

10. Cyber Safety: 

  • We have two spacious computer labs dedicated for junior and senior classes respectively.

  • In order to protect our children from being victims of cyber threat, we conduct cyber-safety orientation programmes in our school. The following are the precautions taken in our labs: 

  • We have installed  Microsoft Windows 10  license software on all our PCS. 

  • We always update our  Microsoft defenders so as to keep malware at bay. 

  • We run a scheduled scan to all our PCs periodically. 

  • We have blocked all unethical websites from being accessed by students. 

  • We have trained our students as to how they can safeguard themselves from phishing emails, suspicious links, social media frauds etc. 


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Glimpses of our Safety Activities

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