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Co-Scholastic Achievements:

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Let's Explore What Students have for us galore.


In a school where talents bloom,

Co-scholastic achievements are like stars in the gloom.

Students shine in various ways,

In every field, their brilliance displays.

In sports, they run and score,

With teamwork and spirit, they soar.

In arts, their creativity takes flight,

Painting, singing, bringing delight.

Leadership skills, they do acquire,

Guiding others, taking higher.

With community service, hearts they touch,

Making a difference, a change they clutch.

In debates and quizzes, minds they fire,

With knowledge and wit, they inspire.

Their achievements, a story to be told,

In every endeavour, they unfold.

In a school of stars, they stand tall,

Co-scholastic achievements, captivating all.

With each triumph, their potential they reveal,

In every way, they make their mark, their zeal.

Monotosh Dey

(HOD, Dept. of English)


Winners of National level Group Song Competition(22-23).

In the realm of artistic triumphs, where melodies entwine, & resonates a tale of glory- enchanting and divine. As the curtains part, revealing a harmonious devotion, Stand the winners of a National level Group Song Competition.


A Young Chess Luminary-Master Arihan Ghagargunde

In the annals of the chess realm, a prodigious luminary emerged, illuminating the world of chess with his unparalleled brilliance. This youthful virtuoso, Master Arihan Ghagargunde, etched his name indelibly across the firmament of chess history in Chandrapur district bestowing upon it a celestial glow. Through tireless dedication and a keen intellect, he achieved milestones that reverberated far and wide, leaving enthusiasts and aficionados alike in awe.
  • District level Rapid chess competition by Amateur chess Associations of Chandrapur District. Mast Arihan Ghagargunde Secured 2nd Position At Bhadrawati.CFP District level Chess Tournament by SAIL with Chess Associations of Chandrapur District.Dt 07/05/2023. Mast Arihan Ghagargunde Secured 2nd Position At MEL Chandrapur

  • Open Chess Tournament Chandrapur, Mast Arihan Ghagargunde secured 1st Position U11 category on dated 04/06/2023 at Chanderpur .

  • Republican Student Federation (India) District level Chess Tournament held on .Dt 13/05/2023. Mast Arihan Ghagargunde Secured 2nd Position U-11 age Group At Chandrapur


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