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Annual Report 2020-21

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The annual report showcases the achievements & glories of our school, and makes us introspect about our shortcomings.

We have always been committed to creating an environment in the school which helps the young minds to blossom & provide platform for individual thinking & holistic development of the child’s personality. We set standards & goals for ourselves & strive to achieve them in all the fields.

I wish to begin with our performance on the academic front. Achieving academic excellence is at the heart of our endeavor. Academic achievements reflect a demonstrated ability to perform to the best of one’s ability by developing one’s intellectual potentials & skills with diligence & commitment.


Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good Institution. Class X & XII board results of the school prove without any doubt that our students have made us proud.


  • Students of AVN Upparwahi scored highest class average in XII- Science stream amongst all Ambuja group schools- 82.24%

  • 92% students in class XII-Science stream of AVN Upparwahi scored above 75%.

  • AVN Upparwahi Class XII- Commerce stream scored a class average of 86%.

  • All students of class XII- Commerce of AVN Upparwahi scored above 70%.

  • 89% students of AVN Upparwahi scored above 75% in class X.

  • All the students of AVN Upparwahi who appeared in C.B.S.E board examination for the session 2019-20 passed clearly i.e 100% board result of our school for continuous five years.


  • Three students of AVN Upparwahi studying in class X (Sahil Mohammed, Anuj Bodhe and Akanksha Nikhode) got their project ideas selected for Inspire Award (National Innovation Foundation-India) under Department of science and Technology (India). This competition is organized by Department of Science and Technology to encourage the innovative thoughts of young minds in relation to science and technology.Students got an amount of 10,000-/ each for working on their project ideas.


  • Mast. Tanvir Sheikh in standard III of AVN Upparwahi bagged second position in essay writing on “Cyber Safety” organized by ISEA (Information Security Education and Awareness) at National level.


  • Students of AVN Upparwahi solved 2,48,790 mathematics problems in just 10 days during an event organized by First In Math at National Level.


  • Ranvijay Sagar of class X got 3rd position in Yoga competition organized by Ambuja Vidya Peeth, Rawan.

  • District Level Online Open Rapid Chess Competition Chandrapur, was held on 19 January 2020 In Under 7 & 9 yrs category. From 1st Standerd Mast. Arihan Ghagargunde of Ambuja Vidya Niketan, Upparwahi secured 1st and 2nd Prize with Gold and Silver medal and Trophy. He was the youngest of all players to achieve the milestone.


  • ​Lavanya Borkute of class IV scored 56th rank in Mind Wars G.K quiz held at national level.


  • Aman Verma of class XII and Rajat Potrala scored second position in power point presentation competition organized by AVP Rawan.


  • Our school has taken a host of initiatives to sensitize students about taking care of environment. We are enrolled with Centre for Science & Environment under which we conduct many Green School Activities in following areas:

  • Air (activities based on whether classrooms/windows well ventilated/ whether vehicles are Eco-friendly etc)

  • Energy (activities related to consumption of Electricity/Diesel/LPG in school)

  • Food (Promotion of the type of food by school)

  • Land (Measuring of Ground/Open Area/Service Area/Parking/ Roof & terrace area etc)

  • Water (Consumption of water-monitoring overhead tanks/capacity of storage tanks/ gardening water/harvesting rain water etc)

  • Waste ( Generation & segregation of waste in our school/treatment & recycling of waste in our school)

  • We are proud to announce that our school has been awarded with Green School Award by Centre for Science & Environment in academic year 2018-19 and we are performing fairly well on promoting environment education to students.


  • Our teachers and students have become empowered in using technology tools like YouTube live broadcasting, Google Meet and Zoom operation. Teachers and students have become comfortable in using these technology tools effortlessly thereby facilitating smooth curriculum transaction.

  • Hardware & software were installed on PCs in compliance with State Education Dept. & CBSE.

  • Orientation of parents, teachers & students were carried out for better understanding of virtual classes.

  • Internet connectivity was upgraded to BSNL fiber cable so as to facilitate seamless & uninterrupted live stream of classes.

  • ​We conduct CCA activities like celebration of various events and competitions like music, dance, yoga, chess and various indoors sports with the help of Google Meet/Zoom.


  • We have introduced career Counseling session with students. On online mode HODs of all departments host the career counseling session highlighting the career options after +2 in domestic and international UG courses in various colleges. We have also tied-up with outreach programs of O P Jindal Global University so as to facilitate our students the knowledge of an array of career opportunities in undergraduate courses.


The school took up initiatives to conduct competition/activities like mask making, poster making on social distancing etc to sensitize students, teachers & parents about taking extreme precautions like complying with hand, & face hygiene, wearing masks and keeping physical distancing.


Our teachers underwent a host of COE trainings and completed training modules from Diksha app. All teachers have compulsorily completed a minimum of 10 COE trainings and all modules from Diksha app. All the certificates from teachers have been collected and have been kept aside for reference for future.


In addition to attending NEP webinars hosted by CBSE ( Pune), we have also hosted webinars for parents, students and teachers. The principal hosted orientation webinar for all the teachers and parents. Class teachers, in turn, sensitized students regarding NEP-objectives, guidelines, implementation strategies and so on


The PTA meeting was conducted on March 7, 2020 where the following initiatives from the school was briefed to parents

  • Amber Trivedi, Coordinator, briefed the parents about on-going practices like Edu Sports, BBR Radio podcasts, Picnic cum excursion etc. so that they are aware of the new initiatives taken by the school for the holistic growth of children.

  • Rajesh Sharma, the principal, also briefed the gathering regarding introducing career guidance for students from external source wherein aptitude test and one-to-one interaction with the students will take place.

  • Mastery of Assessment i.e. Diagnostic Assessment by external agency in Science and Maths for students of Std. VI to VIII will be introduced.

  • There is a likelihood of introducing Artificial Intelligence as 6th subject in std. XI in future.

  • There is a request on behalf of parents for organizing Summer Camps for children. Parents have been assured that if the number of students is adequate, certainly the same can be arranged.

  • Parents are requested to introduce Maths App so that students get benefit at home. Parents have been advised to go to useful links of science & Maths uploaded on the website..

​​Landmark SMS Decisions:

  • Painting of the school premises was approved and executed.

  • Renovation of students' restrooms approved.

  • Biodiversity park.

  • More CCTV cameras installed in main school/Pre-primary premises.

  • Hardware and software gradation was done in senior computer labs.

  • Three smart boards for pre=primary classes.

  • Introduction of Edu sports.


  • Department of English devised a new strategy to screen share their teaching resources on Youtube with the help of OBS ( Open Broadcasting Software) tool. Teachers from other departments, especially languages & Social Science, Biology & EVS have also started broadcasting on YouTube via OBS tool.

  • Department of English has started making podcast of their lessons so that those having poor internet connectivity are not deprived of accessing quality education.

  • Department of Computer Science has oriented teacher how to use digital whiteboard while broadcasting live lessons.

  • We have integrated career counseling sessions with students in our Annual curriculum and Lesson plan so that students become empowered to take independent decisions with regard to their careers after +2.


  • Many mile stones have been achieved & many still have to be reached. We at AVN will continue our unceasing efforts to mould the young minds into well balanced personalities with confidence & zeal befitting the standard of this portal of education. This report is a sincere attempt to show case our progress & areas of improvement.

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