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Scholastic Achivements
CBSE Board Exams 

Academic Achievements in 2019-20

  • 100% CBSE Board result for classes X & XII

  • Class XII Science Ku. Sakshi Sharma got first position  by scoring 92.00% .

  • Class XII Commerce Ku. Hemlata Panchal got first position by scoring 85.20%

  • Class X  Ku. Sakshi Aggrawal got first position by scoring  97.83%

  • Improved  class average from  78.29 to 80.63 for class XII.

  •  Improved  class average from  76.32 to 83.80 for class X.

Subject Wise Marks XII Comm 3 years.png
XII Science Wise Subject Highest .png
XII Commerce Class Avg 3 years.png
XII Sc Subject Average.png



  • Our students  scored highest class average in  XII- Science stream amongst all Ambuja group schools- 82.24%

  • 92% students in class XII-Science stream of AVN Upparwahi scored above 75% .

  • AVN Upparwahi Class  XII- Commerce stream scored a class average of 86%.

  • All students of class XII- Commerce of AVN Upparwahi scored above 70%.

  • 89% students of AVN Upparwahi scored above 75% in class X.

  • All the students of AVN Upparwahi who appeared in C.B.S.E board examination for the session 2019-20 passed clearly i.e 100% board result of our school for continuous five years.

Miscellaneous Achievements

  • Mast. Tanvir Sheikh in standard III of AVN Upparwahi bagged second position in essay writing on “Cyber Safety” organized by ISEA (Information Security Education and Awareness) at National level.

  • Three students of AVN Upparwahi studying in class X (Sahil Mohammed, Anuj Bodhe and Akanksha Nikhode) got their project ideas selected for Inspire Award (National Innovation Foundation-India) under Department of science and Technology (India). This competition is organized by Department of Science and Technology to encourage the innovative thoughts of young minds in relation to science and technology.Students got an amount of 10,000-/ each for working on their project ideas.

  • Lavanya Borkute of class IV scored 56th rank in Mind Wars G.K quiz held at national level.

  • Aman Verma of class XII and Rajat Potrala scored second position in power point presentation competition organized by AVP Rawan.

  • Ranvijay Sagar of class X got 3rd  position in Yoga competition organized by AVP Rawan.

  • Students of AVN Upparwahi solved 2,48,790 mathematics problems in just 10 days during an event organized by First In Math at National Level.




  • Two students of class XII (master Koushalesh & Mayur) selected in NDA

  • Two students of class XII (Comm) qualified for CPT

  • Best participating school in discipline at IX CBSE cluster


 Achievements In International Finance Olympiad 

  • Five students of AVN Upparwahi topped at National level in International Finance Olympiad conducted by Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in the month of February, 2013 outclassing 1600 schools from across the country

  • Two students of class XII (Ravina Nikhar & Sonali Shukla) cleared CPT

Green school Award

  • AVN Upparwahi awarded as one of the Green School’s for the session 2018-19 in GSP conducted by Centre for Science and Environment.

Money Smart School Award

  • AVN Upparwahi declared as one of the Money  Smart school’s for the session 2018-19 by NISM Mumbai.

Best Principal Award in Ambuja Group Schools

  • Avn Upparwahi principal, Mr. Rajesh Sharma,  was  awarded as best principal for session 2017-18 by AVN Trust Mumbai.

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